Our Team

Adrian Bryers

Loans + Property + Insurance

Adrian has been in Lending since early 2005 covering Client Services and Credit Assessment before moving into Client Strategy and Structure with a key focus on Investment and Client Planning. Adrian’s approach to understanding a client’s situation is drawn largely from own personal experience and looking at what he would do in the same situation. His understanding of how the information at hand tells different stories is one of the many ways he helps clients find the right path for them.

John Eldick

Loans + Property + Insurance

John was working in a ‘Top 4’ bank from 2005 until 2017. During his time, John strove to learn as much as possible in the key roles he was in as Client Manager, Personal Lender and Commercial Lender so that he could better understand a client’s complete needs.

Using the knowledge, he gained, his personal experience and core values John prides himself on guiding his clients through not only their immediate needs but also planning for future goals.

Christina Eldick


Christina started working in finance in 2005 where she grew her skill set over 12 years. She has worked in Customer Service, Team Management, Lending and lastly Relationship Management. Christina will say that Customer Service is her passion, but Finance comes in at a pretty close 2nd for her.

In 2017 Christina made the decision that she needed to be working somewhere that she could fuse all these skills together under one roof, somewhere that she could have a direct impact on the complete client experience and that’s when she joined the SUM+ Family. We had worked with Christina in her previous role at the bank and were very happy to hear she was looking just as we were hiring.

Christina offers a certain know how when it comes to moving applications through from application to settlement.

Jules Boyter


Jules has been in the Lending industry since 2000. Her experience includes 5 years with major lenders in areas including Client Services and Settlements, before moving into roles similar to her current role within the broker network assisting in packaging loans and lodgments.

Jules enjoys working as part of a team that’s main objective is to help people achieve their financial goals.