What We Do

Investment Property Portfolio Planning
Specialised Mortgage Broking

At SUM+, we're experts in mortgages and investment properties.

We help people find the right mortgage solutions based on their unique financial situations and property needs.

Our team has access to a variety of lenders, including private and non-traditional ones, to ensure that our clients have the best options available to them. Some examples of the people we help include:

  • self-employed individuals

  • property investors

  • non-residents

  • those with credit issues

  • high net worth borrowers

We also specialise in creating strategic plans for investment property portfolios, including identifying suitable properties, financing options, and long-term management.

Working with SUM+ means getting tailored mortgage solutions and personalised advice that go beyond traditional lending channels.

In summary, we help you:

6 Reasons Why Homeowners & Investors Choose SUM+ Instead Of Their Bank

The right loans and investment accumulation plan can help you save thousands in interest, fees, and tax, and free up your cash flow to invest or enjoy. But a step in the wrong direction can needlessly keep you in debt for years longer than necessary. Here are some of the things we do differently to help you get the very best from property:

Customised For Growth And Security

We help you hand-pick properties to balance your portfolio for both growth and income, providing you with more financial certainty now and in the future.

A Wide Range Of Loan Options, With Attractive Rates And Fees

We compare dozens of loans from our vast network of lenders and recommend the most ideal options for your situation.

Unbiased, Honest Advice

You won’t pay a cent for our loan service
because our fee comes from lenders who
pay a modest commission. And you can be sure our advice is always in your best interest, because that commission is the same no matter what lender we recommend.

Holistic Support To Help You Bring It All Together

Naturally, we can help with just a loan. But
if you’re like many of our clients you’ll appreciate our support in finding and managing the right property and structuring your finances for optimum results

Free Advice Specific To Your Situation

The first step in seeing how to find and fund the right property so you can build a balanced property portfolio that accelerates your wealth without risking your assets or compromising your lifestyle is with a Free Strategy Session where we give you our best advice – 100% free and without obligation.

Download Your Copy
Of The POD Methodology

The PDF is delivered
to your email address.

Download Your Copy
Of The POD Methodology

The PDF is delivered
to your email address.